REON POCKET 5 - Wearable Cooling & Warming Device

Model: RNPK-5T

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  • Overview

    Beat Singapore's heat and indoor chill with the sleek REON POCKET 5. Designed for both the city's warm and air-conditioned spaces, it offers quick cooling and warming. Perfect for on-the-go comfort, this device ensures you stay comfortable effortlessly.


    1. Cool & Warm Mode - Ideal for Singapore’s warm days and cold aircon environments.
    Experience immediate coolness or warmth at your fingertips, seamlessly alleviating the outdoor heat or adapting to cooler indoor environments.
    With the REON POCKET 5, personal climate control reaches new heights, offering both Cool & Warm Mode that effortlessly adjusts to your body's needs. This feature ensures you remain comfortable, whether you're facing the summer heat or the winter chill, making it the perfect accessory for every season.
    The REON POCKET 5 boasts up to 1.5 times more heat absorption[1] and significantly improved cooling performance when compared with the previous model in the series.
    [1] Average amount of heat absorption when compared to the previous model RNP-4 while running with a charged battery at the maximum cooling level for 60 minutes. This may vary depending on usage conditions and environment.
    2. Long Battery Life - to keep you comfortable wherever you go.
    Enjoy longer periods of comfort with significantly enhanced battery life.
    The REON POCKET 5 sets a new standard for endurance. With up to 1.8 times the battery life of its predecessors, it delivers sustained performance across all cooling levels, ensuring your comfort is uninterrupted for hours on end.
    It runs for approximately 4 hours at COOL Level 5 (the maximum cooling level) and for approximately 7.5 hours at COOL Level 4, which is around 1.8 times[2] longer than the previous model.
    [2] When compared to the battery life of the previous model RNP-4 while running with a rechargeable battery at COOL Level 4. This may vary depending on usage conditions and environment.
    3. Subtle Design - Compact and fits discreetly under any attire.
    At just 153g, the REON POCKET 5 is designed to blend seamlessly with any outfit, providing comfort without drawing attention.
    Boasting a sleek and subtle design, the REON POCKET 5 complements both casual and business attire. Its versatile air vent covers ensure efficient heat management without compromising your style, making it the ideal choice for discerning users who prioritise both functionality and aesthetics.
    4. Quiet yet Powerful - Powerful cooling, silently delivered, suited for every environment.
    Achieve powerful cooling with minimal noise, perfect for use in any setting.
    The REON POCKET 5 redefines cooling efficiency with its meticulously designed fan blade and DC three-phase motor fluid dynamic bearing structure. This innovative combination not only enhances the cooling power but also reduces operating noise by approximately 80%[3], offering a distraction-free environment whether you're at work or relaxation.
    [3] When comparing noise level at COOL Level 4 against the existing model RNP-4 based on an internal measurement method. This may vary depending on usage conditions and environment.
    5. Smart Climate Control - REON POCKET TAG automatically adjusts temperature, from hot commutes to cold offices.
    Leverages advanced sensing technology for automatic temperature adjustments, ensuring optimal comfort.
    Pairing the REON POCKET 5 with the separate REON POCKET TAG brings out the best in climate control technology. The TAG, alongside REON POCKET 5's integrated sensors, meticulously gauges temperature, humidity, and motion, enabling the device to automatically adjust its output for your optimal comfort level through the SMART COOL⇔WARM MODE.
    This ensures the REON POCKET 5 responds to both environmental shifts and your physical activities, providing a tailored cooling or warming experience directly linked to your surroundings and movements.
    The REON POCKET 5 is equipped with a total of five advanced sensors; it captures detailed environmental data, allowing for smart, personalised temperature adjustments. Three temperature sensors and one temperature and humidity sensor detect the temperature and humidity. Additionally, the acceleration sensor detects motion. The result is an intelligently adaptive system that delivers customised comfort, managed through an intuitive app tailored to your specific preferences.
    6. Other Features - Versatile and Resilient
    AUTO START/STOP Functionality
    For effortless convenience, the REON POCKET 5 features AUTO START/STOP, negating the need for a smartphone to operate. It commences cooling or warming as soon as it is placed at the neck's base, and ceases function when set aside, embodying smart, hands-free operation.
    Durably Resistant Design
    Crafted for durability, the REON POCKET 5 boasts a splash- and sweat-resistant structure. Its sealed components offer robust protection against dust and water ingress, facilitating use in demanding environments while maintaining the device's integrity.
    Ergonomic Neckband
    The device comes with an ergonomically designed neckband, adjustable for neck size and contour. It ensures the cooling/warming element maintains contact with your body, providing stability and comfort during movement. It accommodates a neck size range of 34cm to 46cm, with a smaller variant available for purchase separately.
    Flexible Yet Stable Neckband Construction
    The neckband's triple-layer construction balances flexibility with sturdiness, maintaining its position while allowing for freedom of adjustment. Comprising a flexible mechanical tube, a shape-holding wire frame, and a soft silicone covering, it offers prolonged comfort even with extended wear.
    Extended Use with Portable Chargers
    The REON POCKET 5 can also be powered via USB with portable batteries or a laptop, allowing for prolonged use on the go, ensuring continuous comfort without the worry of battery life.
    Advanced Heat Dissipation Technology
    Incorporating Sony's thermal design expertise, the REON POCKET 5 is engineered with a sophisticated heat dissipation mechanism. Optimised through numerous simulations, it maximises performance for cooling and warming, catering specifically to human skin, enhancing your personal climate experience.


    Supported features
    SMART COOL mode / SMART COOLWARM mode*1 / SMART WARM mode*1 /
    Manual mode / Auto mode / My mode / Wave mode / Golf mode /
    AUTO START/STOP function / QUICK LAUNCH / USB-powered operation / Air volume adjustment function
    Maximum dimensions
    (width/height/depth) and weight
    Neckband 4 (RNPB-N4) with air vent cover (short) attached
    Approx. 125mm × 23mm × 137mm
    Weight: Approx. 153g
    Neckband 4 (RNPB-N4) with air vent cover (long) attached
    Approx. 125mm × 45mm × 170mm
    Weight: Approx. 160g
    REON POCKET 5 main unit (RNP-5) only
    Approx. 55mm × 23mm × 117mm
    Weight: Approx. 116g
    Manual mode Temperature level
    COOL level 1–5, 5+*2
    WARM level 1–4
    Cooling/warming section material
    Stainless steel SUS316L
    Moisture-resistant sealant
    Cooling/warming section, internal parts*3
    Operating temperature range (operating environment)
    Communication method
    Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy
    Supported operating systems
    iOS 13 or later / Android™ 8 or later
    Rechargeable battery
    Integrated lithium-ion battery
    Battery life*4
    Level 1: Approx. 17 hours
    Level 2: Approx. 12 hours
    Level 3: Approx. 10 hours
    Level 4: Approx. 7.5 hours
    Level 5: Approx. 4 hours
    Level 1: Approx. 8 hours
    Level 2: Approx. 6 hours
    Level 3: Approx. 5 hours
    Level 4: Approx. 4 hours
    Charging time
    Approx. 170 minutes (full charge), approx. 100 minutes (90% charge)
    Charging port
    USB Type-C®
    Included contents
    RNPK-5T (includes dedicated neckband and REON POCKET TAG)
    REON POCKET 5 main unit (RNP-5)
    Neckband 4 (RNPB-N4)
    L-shaped USB Type-C® cable (USB-A — USB-C®)
    Air vent cover (short) (long)
    Startup Guide (RNPK-5, RNPT-1)
    Warranty card (valid only in Japan; please register online for local warranty)
    Lithium coin cell battery (CR2032)
    *USB AC adaptor is not included.
    *This product is not a medical device.
    *1 Only available when connected with REON POCKET TAG (RNPT-1).
    *2 COOL Level 5+ is available only when powered by USB.
    *3 Does not completely prevent ingress of sweat and water droplets.
    *4 Pauses after 8 hours of continuous use of COOL, or after 1 hour of continuous use of WARM.
    The REON POCKET is intended for use in daily outings, commuting, and light exercise (e.g. walking, golfing).
    Other precautions
    This product is not waterproof, so please refrain from using it in rain, snow, or other conditions where the main unit is exposed to moisture.
    Wear breathable and loose-fitting clothing. Also, wear white or other light-coloured clothing that absorbs less heat from the sun than dark clothing.
    Be sure to create adequate room around your neck by taking off your tie, opening the top button of your shirt, etc.
    Since the product is a precision device, do not subject the product to strong impacts such as dropping or throwing it.
    Install the app on App Store or Google Play to use the product.
    The Reon Pocket App can only be downloaded in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, United Kingdom and Vietnam.
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